Our Winter Offer

It all starts back in Feb and March - "Hey, will you guys be doing the Pie deal again?".
And the answer is always yes. But this year, we wanted to make it better.

So we did.

What's new with the winter deal in 2019?


In the past, we've included midweek and occasionally Sunday afternoons. Why does Saturday have to miss out? Well, it doesn't. This year we have included both Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm in our Winter Offer.
It's the perfect way to get your morning jobs done - Auskick, food shopping, sleep in, etc. Then make your way down around midday, enjoy our famous pie and chips before making your way around the course (which by the way, is in incredible condition at the moment).

Yet, we still felt like we could make it better.

Play 3 and Play Free

In previous years, our offer included a free game of golf when you played our winter offer 3 times, to be redeemed in September. How good was that!
But.... why wait?
This year, as soon as you've played your 3 Winter Offer games, you'd get your next game free - as soon as you wanted it! This too now included weekends. Meaning you can redeem that free round from 12 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

So now is your perfect time to come play golf at Eagle Ridge Golf Course, at a fantastic price, on a beautiful golf course, in a superb part of the country on the Mornington Peninsula.

To learn more about the offer or to book now head over to our Winter Offer page.

Check out this video from Golfer from a recent event they held here. A great showcase for the course and how fun it's playing.

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