Vaccination: Double Dosed is the requirement to play at Eagle Ridge Golf Course.

Update as of 9.11.2021

  • Play in groups of four is permitted;
  • Golfers must be fully vaccinated or have an exception in order to play, as outlined here;
  • Competition golf is permitted;
  • Only fully vaccinated persons may enter the clubhouse;
  • There will be no travel restrictions within the State of Victoria;
  • Masks must be worn indoors at all times except when eating or drinking, and a mask must be carried at all times;
  • Group coaching can occur for 30 participants (plus the coach), as long as the coach adheres to the Covid-19 mandatory vaccination workers direction. It is unclear at this time on vaccination requirements for adult group coaching participants, however children under 16 are exempt;

Update as of 21.10.21

Welcome back one and all, kind of… well nearly there.

It has been great to see those of you within our 15kms and we are more than excited to see the Eagle Ridge crew from much further away. 

But we won’t fluff on to much more, because we know you want facts. Do note though, these aren’t written in our usual upbeat self, purely because they are government directives with no grey area. We really like being open and seeing you, so it’s imperative that we continue to take these rules serious, regardless of the political side you fall on (Pirate party anyone?).

Here is what we know and what we are implementing now (with a giant asterisk note down the bottom):

From Friday the 22nd of Oct 2021 

•    It is anticipated that golfers will be able to play in groups of 4, so for now that is what we are going with until directed otherwise
•    Players must be from Metropolitan Melbourne and checks will occur at check-in
•    All visitors must have at least a single dose of the COVID19 Vaccine and a second booked in and proof will be required
•    Any visitor wishing to stay for a meal or drink after your game in and around the clubhouse must be double vaccinated and proof will be required
•    Masks are still a non-negotiable and must be worn at all times unless you have a medical reason, which may require proof if we are inspected by local authorities (yes they do check)

The following isn’t being changed yet:

•    Competitions are still not permitted 
•    Retail is still operating as click and collect

Ready for the asterisks part – because it’s a big one!

This is all based on information from the Victorian Health Department and Golf Australia (as of 21.10.21 12pm), who have said they are still seeking clarity – on all of it!

This means it can change in a heartbeat and if so please note that we are with you in any and all frustrations and we are simply doing our best. We will do all that we can to give you notice but sometimes that is out of our control also.

The big key points that can change at any moment are
•    Mandatory vaccination status
•    Playing in groups of 4 or 2
•    Hospitality capacity

Right, if you’ve managed to get this far you have probably earnt a stiff drink or a day where your drives are pure and straight.

It’s a lot of stern talking to’s and lots of rules which isn’t normal for our happy go lucky selves. But we’ve got that out the way, it’s back to the banter, the beautiful vistas and finding out you’ve played the round of your life with a Top Flite ball you found at the bottom of your bag. 

We have exciting announcements coming, ripper twilight deals and plenty more to come. For now, we hope you have a fantastic weekend and hope to see you soon.

Of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

03 5988 2500 or

Eagle Ridge Team