Junior Golf

At Eagle Ridge Golf Course, we truly believe Golf is one of the greatest sports a kid can play. It’s outdoors, it’s social, it’s exercise and holds great values and morals.

We want to encourage kids to play more and to do this we allow all kids under 16 to play for Free!

As long as a paying adult accompanies them, you can have 1 Adult and 3 kids under 16.

A fantastic way to get the family together for a game of golf. Our entire team are here to support and ensure you have a stress free and exceptionally fun day together.

Please note children under the age of 18 years old need to be accompanied by an adult on our course at all times.

Kids Golf

Holiday and Term Clinics Available


Eagle Ridge prides itself on making activities fun and engaging for juniors to keep them involved
and excited about golf. Juniors, particularly at the introductory level, are looking for fun with their friends.

Eagle Ridge MyGolf Program consistently

  • Promotes skills development in an accredited coaching environment with a PGA Professional; and
  • Promotes the social and fun aspects of the sport.

Classes cover putting, chipping, pitching and more.  The program suits kids aged between 6 -12 years.
Using games is the best way for juniors to learn and develop skills while still having fun.
Our program encourages learning through fun, team-based, inclusive games and activities which
allow for skill repetition and progression.

To find out details about our upcoming programs